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About The Bilibot Project

The Bilibot Project started at MIT through the exploration of what could be done with the new Kinect sensor. Besides being a great sensor for gesture technology, the Kinect is a powerful robotic sensor - so much so that robotics laboratories at universities across the world are replacing their $5000 sensors with the $150 Kinect! The Bilibot project takes advantage of this new technological breakthrough to provide a research quality robot at a hobby robot's price.

As personal robotics grows we need to both push the boundaries of technology and train future generations of researchers. Our mission is to create a robotics platform for exploration and create a community of robotics enthusiasts.

What is Bilibot
Bilibot, from the German word 'billig', or cheap, is a sophisticated robotics platform at an affordable price. A Bilibot consists of:
* a powerful computer
* an iRobot create
* a Kinect sensor
* mounting hardware to put it all together
* the ROS Robotic Operating system, with research contributions from roboticists all over the world!

Why Now
Recent technological advancements have made the parts required for a sophisticated robot inexpensive and high quality. However, the knowledge and time required to get all of the individual components working together is imposing. Bilibot removes these hurdles by offering an integrated kit.

Who is Bilibot For
Bilibot is designed primarily for the education and hobbyist communities. This is a sophisticated robot at a price point that was not possible until now. The things that people think of doing with Bilibot continue to amaze and inspire our team here.

We’d like to contribute to the community of robotics enthusiasts and to get even more people excited about robotics, but we need your help! If you have an event or organization that you would like to involve us in join our mailing list and send email to

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