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The Bilibot Project is funded!

The Bilibot project is funded! The kickstarter project I started in December has raised a total of $5,665, meeting its $5000 goal, mostly due to a few generous individuals, one of whom donated $3000 to fully fund the project! I've been getting a number of inquires after the fact as well, for people who want to be involved, or just want a robot.

I'm starting a kickstarter project.

What with the kinect coming out and being super cheap, I've decided to create a project to put together a netbook-create-kinect bundle. The idea is to get people all the software installed on a platform they can interact with, right out of the box. I install ROS, which gives robot platforms a lot of new abilities. I think that for a non-linux person, the barrier of having to install Ubuntu and ROS is a bit to much, but if they can have ROS and Ubuntu running onboard their robot, problem solved!


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